Captain Candleface


  • Unity and C#
  • For Windows and Mac (joystick supported)
  • Collaborating with Josh (artist)


I program all the gameplay systems with Unity using C#, which so far includes:

  • Save/Load system
  • Dialogue system (triggers, queued dialogue, asynchronous text scroll and skipping)
  • Player and Enemy controllers
  • UI controller
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Collectible items
  • Shaders in ShaderLab (Retro screen effect, underwater distortion, ice wall)
  • World map level selection
  • And falling Coconuts

I also construct the Unity assets to meet the requirements of the design:

The story so far

Whilst Josh develops the game design and the art assets including level designs, characters and props, I’m programming the game systems and constructing the objects, scenes and animations in Unity.

With other commitments, we try our best to meet once weekly to review, prioritise and create.

You can follow the journey through my Captain Candleface blog posts.

The witch’s curse went wrong.

It didn’t kill you, but it did ruin your career as a pirate!

As a candle, you’ll have to defeat your twisted, cursed crew: it’s for their own good.

Quest across the 8-bit island to save the imprisoned princess, defeat the witch and save yourself!


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