Just for you I shall, quite succinctly, chronicle my professional journey:

  • started using Blender 3D when I was thirteen
  • began coding in Python shortly after (I wanted more than logic bricks could give)
  • lots of (bad) blender games accompanied my GCSEs
  • studied Computing, Electronics, Maths and Physics at A-level
  • joined a local apprenticeship in Software Development (at BT)
  • completed the apprenticeship, earning an FdSc and NVQ
  • worked for a year there thereafter*
  • made THE decision: I resigned and enrolled at University of East Anglia
  • started learning to use Unity instead of Blender
  • lots of spare time projects as well as my studies (e.g. learning C# by creating Budgetr)
  • got my first service industry job (bar worker over summer 2017) followed by second service industry job (bar worker over academic year 17/18)
  • got my first internship (summer 2018) followed by my second internship (summer 2019)
  • graduated (1st class) after three (formative) years studying for my BSc Computer Graphics, Imaging and Multimedia
  • Onward, to adventure!

Where next? I’m working on a full-time opportunity…

*If this is grammatically offensive, let me know in the comments.


Edit Notes

13/08/19 – removed timeline infographics (made with Piktochart) and replaced with paragraph



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