It’s a WIP personal game project. By making something for myself, I’m able to have fun with the freedom in a bunch of ways:

  • Actually developing those small ideas which are so inspiring I write them down
  • Having fun with a narrative
  • Saying yes to a lot of ideas I like, enjoy or think are awesome
  • Making homages to moments that I enjoyed when playing games




I imagine that this is the ultimate self-indulgent therapy because it scratches the urge to let scope-creep run wild.

The world is too loud to bother with the nuance of hiding a project just because it’s “personal” or a “work-in-progress”.

So this is my modest announcement that I have some other content in the works. For one reason or another, I’m calling the project “Edome”.

Not FAQs

  • Unity 2018
  • Blender 3D
  • 3% progress and it’s on hold at the moment because I have university assignments
  • Placeholder art style
  • It’s bad form but my answer must be: it will become clear after some more work and perhaps a gameplay video (WRT what will you do in this game?)


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