Receptor Master: Summer 2018 Internship

Throughout the summer months of 2018, I was an intern.

More specifically, I was a SCRUM app development intern working to create a prototype mobile app (in what can only be described as Team-Receptor-Master).

The idea was to create digital re-incarnations of the games that can be played with a deck of the revision cards developed by academic PHA staff at UEA.

I reveled in a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday working week which allowed time for my other projects (see: Captain Candleface). We met with our product owners every 2 weeks for demonstrations and feedback, participated in retrospectives and sprint planning to keep the engine of productivity running smoothly – our SCRUM master made sure!

After 13-weeks, we concluded with a presentation to a room of stakeholders and an app prototype which the product owners liked and we all could feel proud of.

One game mode of the finished revision app.

Just a screenshot for now, I hope to get permission to show off a bit more in the near future.

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